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Get away for awhile! Join us for two hours or a half day of riding at our Dinkey Creek Station. The Dinkey Creek Station is open starting on Memorial Day the last Monday in May, thru Labor Day the second Monday in September.
When you're ready for a little adventure, let us lead you into the rugged beauty of the Kings River back country, the John Muir and Dinkey Lakes Wilderness areas or on into Kings Canyon National Park. Clyde Pack Outfit has been serving the public for the past 30 years.
Hours of simple pleasure and excitement await you. Enjoy the basics, like a sound sleep under the stars, meals cooked over an open fire, and the awesome beauty of the High Sierra. For the naturalist, the back country offers a splendid array of flora and fauna. This is a great destination experience of a lifetime for any lover of the outdoors.
For the fisherman, there are over 100 lakes and over 200 miles of fishing streams where Eastern Brook, Golden Trout, Cutthroat Trout and Rainbow Trout are ready to match wits with you. The scenery is great, don't forget to bring your camera!
Allen and Debbie Clyde Allen Day Ride
Big Rainbow Trout
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